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[USS Archer] Stardate 240108.29: Duty Log - Lt Cmdr Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= H'lesk / Main Engineering =/\=

Mayhem had visited main engineering on board the H'lesk, leaving many engineers wounded, three non-functioning SALFeRs and one dead Gaetoni, Hant vu Sorkin. Molir and his ragtag team of engineers worked on correcting and repairing the damages caused by the SALFeRs in a attempt to sabotage the H'lesk return to Gaeton.

The look on Sidra's face was almost unforgettable as she entered through the doors of H'lesk engineering and saw Rucker and Bartles both lying unconscious on the floor. She decided to lend a hand with applying first-aid to Rucker. Molir's attention was distracted as an ensign approached from the side to ask for some advice.

"No," Molir took a moment, "try re-polarizing the field emitter coils to maintain the electro-magnetic stability within the trans-phasic wave." The ensign acknowledged with a nod and returned to his duties.

"Lieutenant," he called out to Lieutenant Johnson, "please provide me a status report on the ship's performance."

Lieutenant Johnson nodded and proceeded to the various duty stations gathering information. At the same moment, Molir walked over to a group of Gaetoni engineers supervising the power feeding to the few remaining hibernation chambers. He looked over their shoulders to see what they're so caught up about. "Commander, we have a small problem. The power levels in the hibernation chambers are slowly dropping to dangerous levels."

Molir confirmed their assessment. "What's causing the drop in power?"

"We believe a portion of the transmitted commands was sent through the ship's computers, instructing them to begin the un-allocation of power distribution to the hibernation chambers - terminating additional potential threat."

Molir asked, "What can we do to stop this?"

Another Gaetoni engineer offered his approach to the problem, "We're attempting to isolate a secure power feed and lock it out from computer control and manually override any shutdown sequences we find."

Nearby, a circuit panel started to smoke and Molir reacted immediately to eliminate the danger. At the same moment, Sidra started to make her way toward Molir. She didn't get far in her approach when the ship took a violent rattling. Molir looked toward Sidra and shrugged his confusion at the ship's movement.

Sidra hit her comm to the H'lesk's bridge. Molir could hear the conversation between the bridge and Sidra, "Captain what is going on up there?"

"Lt. MacLaren another, larger ship has intercepted us from the planet and sent pods out to attack our hull. The Archer has pulled out of orbit and assisting, but they are getting hit hard."

She shook her head in disbelief, wondering what else could go wrong with this whole situation. "I'm on my way back up there." She looked around and located Molir again, already up to his elbows working on some kind of circuitry.

"Commander," Sidra called out. "We have a new development in this ever ending day of problems. He could see that MacLaren didn't even bother to hide her disappointment in the whole situation.

"What is it now? More from our friends on the planet?" he asked.

She nodded and looked around the room, "Aye, I'm afraid that we are now being attacked by an even larger vessel. They have dispatched a number of pods that are attempting to attach themselves to the hull of the ship. The Archer has left the away team on the planet and is intercepting the new foe. Considering the reported size of the craft and the number of pods released," she paused to take a doubtful breath in, "I don't think they can save us from total danger. I'm sure at least some of these pods will find a way to the hull of this ship."

"And you want me to find a way to get them off?"

"Yes, we will need to find a way to get rid of our new uninvited guests. And I'm sure you don't have much time to do it. I'm going back up to the bridge to find out exactly what is going on. I'll give you an update as soon as I get a grip on what's going on."

Molir looked with bewilderment at Sidra as she exited H'lesk's engineering room. He thought to himself, 'Find a way to get them off? Who does think I am, a miracle worker?' "Lieutenant Johnson, Ensigns Mathias and Hothra," he called out, "if you all have a minute."

The officers quickly gathered about as Molir briefed on the current situation. "Anyone got any suggestions?" he asked. Tyler looked at Mathias, who in turn, looked at Hothra and back towards Keith.

"Can we possibly reverse the polarity of the field emitters lining the hull?" Mathias suggested. Mathias tapped his proposal on the portable engineering console unit and ran a quick simulation.

Molir examined and responded, "We could but we don't have the necessary power to generate a powerful enough field to repel that many pods. The power intensity would overload the emitters before much of the pods can be repelled."

The ship violently rocked again. "How about this," Tyler interrupted, "if we can cause the warp drive to emit an inverse warp shell along the main hull..."

Molir continued his thought, "and the imbalance in the mass coefficient between the pods and the ship's hull, in that split second, would cause instability in their structural integrity." He ran the simulation but the results weren't as positive as he hoped. "Unfortunately, the wave interference generated from the inversion would also rip apart the exterior layer of the ship's hull, not to mention, compromise many areas to the exposure of space."

The Commander's comm-badge chirped and Sidra's voice followed, "Commander, point-defense sensors are registering multiple breaches in progress, do we have a plan to on ridding ourselves of the pods?"

Molir could feel that time was running out, "Lieutenant, it's not probably the plan you wanted to hear." Molir briefed the plan as quickly as possible.

"Soon," MacLaren responded, "we'll be dealing with forces we definitely won't be able to handle. Let's go with it. When you're ready, we'll do our best to keep the ship together with the integrity fields and damage control teams."

"Got it," he nodded to his fellow engineers. "We've begun the inversion process. Everyone, brace yourselves."

=/\= H'lesk Exterior View =/\=

The amber glow around the drive engine started to intensify, the warp core began to push more and more power and as the energy reached critical levels, a shock-like wave rippled across the exterior hull like water in a pond, wave-after-wave.

=/\= H'lesk / Main Engineering =/\=

"Commander!" one of the Gaetoni engineers shouted. "Some of the power conduits are overloading from the shockwave, it's beginning to affect the hibernation chambers still in operation - they're starting to fail."

=/\= H'lesk Exterior View =/\=

The boarding pods were also experiencing severe problems as each wave slammed and penetrated the pod's hull and because of the pod's smaller hull size, the molecular bonding destabilization was more evident as each pod first suffered the implosion effect followed by an explosion. The explosions from the pods took its toll on the H'lesk's, causing multiple hull breaches.

=/\= H'lesk / Main Engineering =/\=

Molir tapped his comm-badge, "Lieutenant MacLaren, what's the status of the Archer?"

"Stand by..." she responded. "She'll be within optimal transporter range within two minutes. What's your status?"

"The inversion is causing a feedback with many of the unshielded power systems onboard. This is affecting the hibernation chambers as well as propulsion, the warp core is barely responding and impulse engines are producing minimal power. Johnson and the Gaetoni engineers are trying to isolate the power feeding into the hibernation chambers still in use but they won't be able to hold for long... we might even lose some. We need to get them onboard the Archer as soon as possible."

"Do what you can to keep them operational until the Archer's arrival." Sidra didn't know what she could say except the obvious. "Good news is that we don't have to deal with the boarding pods. Bad news is we now have to deal with keeping the ship together. MacLaren out."

'Out of the frying pan and into the fire.'

=/\= H'lesk Exterior View =/\=

The remaining fires along the hull died as the source of oxygen became exhausted, scoring the blackened, charred and burned hull. With almost no propulsion, the H'lesk limped forward across the void of space, waiting for help to arrive.

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