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[USS Archer] 240109.07 Joint Log CEO Lt. Cmdr. Fajil Molir Keith & 2O/CSecO Lt. Sidra MacLaren

=/\= H'lesk / Main Engineering =/\=

Much of main engineering resembled blood vessels feeding into internal organs with the wires and power conduits hanging exposed from the walls and ceilings. Rubble laid about the floor like dirty laundry of a first-year academy cadet's dorm room. The good news is that the H'lesk had successfully repelled the incoming boarding parties but at the expensive of the H'lesk's structural stability.

"Primary life-supports are offline... secondary life-supports are online and maintaining Gaetoni atmospheric conditions," Johnson reported. "There are hull ruptures on multiple decks and inertial dampeners are currently at twenty-seven percent."

Another engineer gave his report as he wiped clean his helmet, "Bulkhead force fields are online, but barely." Fresh out from the academy, his first tour of duty was more than he anticipated. Of course, the cadets traded stories of their years in the academy during the off-duty hours and this something he will definitely have to share among his colleagues.

Near him, a Gaetoni engineer monitoring the hibernation chambers had more grim news to report, "We've lost fourteen hibernation chambers to core failures and seven are approaching critical danger levels."

"Transfer those that are at critical levels to their portable generators," Molir ordered. "That should buy us some more time and stabilize their conditions for about ten minutes." Beads of sweat formed on his face and neck, the environmental controls in his suit were having a hard time adapting to the stress and heat that his body was putting out.

Tyler gave an update to his previous report, "Commander, automated repair units are currently working on resealing the hull breaches." Molir nodded and acknowledged the update.

"Okay, this takes care of the impulse engines," Molir resealed the maintenance access door leading to the impulse plasma streams and signaled a nearby engineer who saw his approval. She re-engaged the connecting feeds and re-activated the impulse channels and in doing so, relief was found in the power demands, integrity fields strengthen, internal lighting brightened and artificial gravity increased. "Start diverting the energy from the impulse system to restore conditions in the hibernation chambers." He tapped his comm-badge, "Lieutenant MacLaren, we've restored impulse power but we can only give you a quarter impulse speed at best. The rest of the available energy is being used to maintain hibernation chambers. Integrity fields have been strengthen and emergency force fields are in place."

"And the warp core?" Sidra asked.

Molir looked and made a quick preliminary estimate, "That will take longer, we've got fused circuits and burnt out panels to diagnose and replace."

"As soon as possible, MacLaren out." The comm channel closed.

=/\= H'lesk Bridge =/\=

Sidra rubbed her arm, clentching her right hand and resisting the urge not to throw it into a bulkhead. The Archer was fighting the hard fight to save the ship she occupied and they were sitting there almost dead in the water unable to do anything to help.

This mission was suppossed to be so easy, nurse the H'lesk's engines enough to get the ship to Gaeton, drop these folks off, and continue on with their exploration.

She glared at people on the bridge as she stood seperate from the Gaetonians, she didn't know what to do right now. At least they had a quarter impulse power and they weren't complete sitting ducks. The only thing gained from sitting here was maybe getting hit with a stray shot, or being assaulted by more of the hull eating pods. The ancient ship hardly had the power to sustain themselves right now. Another attack would destroy any chance of recover the bucket of rust they were in right now. There were still a couple hundred people in hibernation chambers that she had to worry about.

"Captain ta Varn," she walked over to his location interupting his train of thought and nodded repectfully to him.

"Lieutenant. I was just going over our options with my crew." She looked at him expectantly waiting for him to continue, and there was an ackward silence as the two realised they were waiting for each other.

"Look Sir, this is your ship, but I suggest we get the hell out of here! I just talked to Lt. Cmdr Keith and he can give us one quarter impulse. She looked down and half muttered, "I know it isn't much of anything, but at
least we can move. I think if we go away these bots will leave us alone."

They again stared blankly at each other until finally the orange guy at the communications console broke the silence. "MacLaren has a transmission coming in."

It was put up on the screen and Sidra blinked in surprise when she saw who it was. Although thinking about it for a second it seemed to make the most sense with Kor and Irina on the planet and her here, Guen would be manning the tac station on the saucer section.

"Hey Sidra, wanna lift?" The Counselor said it with a smile and if Sidra wasn't so tired and frustrated she might have smiled back at her friend.

"Here's the current plan: we're going to take the H'lesk into transwarp to get them away with the rest of the Archer fends off the attackers. However, our scans are showing that H'lesk might not make it through. Instead, we could beam everyone aboard to the holding areas the people up and about now. We won't be able to take the hibernation chambers; it'll put too much of a strain on the Archer to keep them functional."

"I would prefer to get the entire ship out of here. I'll talk to our engineering group and see what our status is and what they can do.."


Sidra cocked her head trying to hear what the Tactical officer near Sarah was saying, "Sir, we have a pack of ships heading our way who seem very interested in the H'lesk."

"How soon are they going to arrive?"

"4 minutes."

"toDSaH!" Sidra muttered to herself and wondered how she picked that one up.

"Alright, Sidra, you have four minutes. We'll keep them off your back as long as we can. Just be prepared for a teleport if things get messy and it doesn't look as if you are going to be getting out of here, alright?"

"Affirmitive, MacLaren out."

This time she did hit her golved fist on a console then clentched it, trying to control her anger. She knew it was due to exhaustion, but her temper was getting out of control; not a feeling she liked.

Hitting her comm button she paged her new bad news buddy, "MacLaren to Commander Keith."

"Keith here."

She quickly explained to him there new developments and asked for his engineering opinion.

"The ship won't hold up in a transwarp jump." He comfirmed what she had guessed at already.

"Ok then we are moving out of here for now, as slow as its going to be at one qaurter impulse. Good luck down there. Maintain power to the hibernation chambers and hopefully we will be out of this real soon."

Lt. Cmdr. Fajil Molir Keith
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Archer

Lt. Sidra MacLaren
2nd Officer/Chief Security Officer
USS Archer

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