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I think everyone should try this || Responding to Spammers -- The Internet Strikes Back
.: Link originated from reading Attacking the Spammer Business Model (SlashDot)

After reading this article, I think everyone should help put spammers out of business or at least make the lives as unpleasant as they have done to us.

Once a week, I will start posting a link to spam email I've gotten and I would like everyone that visits my blog is to visit that site and register (using false or bogus information). Keep in mind that you'll need to register with information that isn't completely absurb that spammers can spot a fake registration (e.g. you can't be using far fetch things like 123 Any Street), you'll need to put some place that could possibly exist (e.g. 5281 Bargar Court, Valley Springs, Maryland 20182).

The idea is make the data look real enough that they will have to check it out but not leave real data that it will reach anyone. The point being that it will eventually become more troublesome and not worth the effort with the amount of spam that spammers sent. Just imagine if they sent out 100,000 emails and just 1% responds with faulty information. That would mean 1,000 follow-ups that leads nowhere.

What do you all think of this idea?

Go here for the MovableType entry.


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