Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

The Simple Life

Talk about CRAP reality TV ... FOX's The Simple Life has to be the crappiest of all the reality TV kick that telvision studios are jumping on. Okay, maybe it's just the Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie that make the show SUCK!. The show's producers take two people who have no inkling of what life is really like for those that work so hard to earn $7.75/hr. Paris and Nicole have done nothing to earn they money and live mainly to spend the fortunes that their relatives have build to gain.

Paris Hilton -- you have no redeeming quality other than having your sexscapades published all over the internet. You lack of respect for the working class, your constant complaining and your inability to even try makes me think that if you're suddenly cut off from your wealth and forced to earn money, you would go into prostitution and make only $25 per trick.

Nicole Ritchie -- although your not a Hilton sister, you live off the scraps thrown by Paris Hilton -- your constant need to undermine everything that you don't want to do makes you as spoiled and bratty as Paris Hilton. Every man is a sex object to you, even working in a fast food place like Sonic, the place is nothing more than a place to scope out guys for a quick fuck. If you have to make a living as a prostitute (just as Paris), you might make more than her only because you're hornier than rabbit in heat and would do anyone.

FOX television producers ... jump off the damn bandwagon and make some quality TV shows ... you had a great start with the many successful sitcoms that you had aired, but you're now trying to make a quick buck as all the television studios. Stop trying to play catch-up and do something different, something new.

Go here for the MovableType entry.


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