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Protests against Shuibian's Inauguration

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Protesters Rallied Outside Twin Oaks

May 19th 2004 - Protesters Rallied Outside Twin Oaks, Washington DC.

Taiwanese 'President' Shuibian's inauguration event in Washington, D.C.'s Twin Oaks was met by protesters from supporting 'a fair election'. Protesters from New York arrived in buses, joining the efforts of those in Washington, DC -- to protest this 'travestry' called an election. Protesters argued events that occurred before and during the elections should be investigated.

Inconsistencies in polling procedures had also left a bad taste by voters who witnessed children placing voting ballots in election boxes, campaign paraphernalia that had been prohibited at polling locations were worn by the Shuibian supporters, and Taiwanese passports (those that had flew back specifically to vote) WERE NOT considered as a valid form of identification at polling locations.

Many people who were invited to the event, didn't come and those that did, left shortly after arriving.

Go here for the MovableType entry.

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