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One day in this local town, Harold's two best friends, Jerry and Joe were called by the police to help identify Harold's body at the morgue.

First to enter was Jerry. He looked at the body ... Jerry then said, "Looks like Harold. Roll him over please." The medical examiner rolled him over and Jerry then added, "Nope! That's not him?" Stunned and confused, the examiner thanked him for his help and asked him to wait outside.

Joe entered the room next. He too looked over the body and identified him as Harold. "Could you roll him over?" The medical examiner rolled him over and soon as he did, Joe exclaimed, "That's not Harold!" ... The examiner also thanked Joe and asked him to wait outside.

The examiner couldn't stop thinking how they both first identified him as Harold only to say the opposite. He walked out and asked them both why they both identified the body as NOT Harold...

Jerry and Joe looked at each other and Joe explained, "Easy, whenever we walked about the town with Harold, we hear people say, 'There's Harold with the two asshol*s.'"
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