Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

Music Video: Strange New Element (Low Water)

sarah. word.: Get Into the Groove

In case some of you aren't aware of this but my favorite Petite-Tipper from TechTV's the Screen Savers, Sarah Lane, had a cameo appearance on the music video by Low Water called "Strange New Element".

She and some of her TechTV co-workers/friends like Laura Swisher, Cat Schwartz, Morgan Webb and even TechTV alumnus, Sumi Das, helped with the video's production by appearing at the end of the video which is about 3 minutes and 44 seconds.

You can check out the video at Low Water's official website: You can also find a copy of the video on

I was able to get a very short e-mail interview with Sarah Lane -- I mean after all, she's a very busy gal at TechTV.

Go here for the MovableType entry.

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