Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

The Day After Hurricane Isabel

God I hate stupid drivers the day after a hurricane.

With much of the traffic lights out at various intersections, people don't realize that when there is NO traffic lights working at an intersection, YOU to treat it as a 4-WAY STOP, not a 4-way yield.

This red vehicle (unknown make at the time) came up behind me and when I came to a complete stop, he pulled to my right and proceeded across the intersection at high-speeds. I followed him (only because he was going to say direction I was)... and yup, came to a rolling slow (not stop), and went on through.

Maybe I should have just join the police force and pull this sucker's ass over.

Okay, enough of me ranting... I'm gonna go put on my t-shirt that says:
"I survived Hurricane Isabel and all I got was this t-shirt."

Go here for the MovableType entry.


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