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[USS Archer] [H'lesk] Stardate 240109.26 - Duty Log: Lieutenant Commander Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= H'lesk / Main Engineering =/\=

Like a giant beached whale, the behemoth-size ship slowly moved across space, retreating from the assault. With only one-quarter-impulse power providing thrust, the engineers on board attempted to re-energize the warp core -- every second they continued on impulse power decreased their overall chances of leaving with the ship in one piece.

"Increase the pressure to the plasma inverters to stabilize the power levels!" Lieutenant Commander Fajil Molir Keith was not having a good day and the day was not even close to being over. They had taken care of one problem, but the solution only led them into a path of another danger. Inverting the warp field helped in repelling the boarding pods attached to the H'lesk hull but also left them with off-line warp core and only impulse power left for both thrust and source of ship's power. The ship took another jolt. Keith quickly looked around.

"Tyler," Molir called out. "Thompson and Glen," both ensigns turned their attention toward Keith, "please accompany and aid Lieutenant Johnson with repairs in the auxiliary maintenance shaft, see if you can get those relays re-aligned properly... quickly as possible." They nodded, Glen grabbed the toolkit and all three proceeded into the crawlspace beyond the access panel.

"Kam, status on the warp core integrity?" asked Molir as he continues to feed data into his PADD

{{Kam}}: "The warp core integrity remains above safety operating levels, currently at ninety-four-point-five percent."

Molir was about to call out to another engineer when the captain's face appeared on the main comm-viewer in engineering. The bajoran officer attempted to cover up his frustration. "Commander, a progress report."

"Things are a mess here sir," replied Keith, he looked off screen for a moment and shouted. "No, that transponder goes over there with the field couplings!!" He turned back to the screen and shook his head. "I might have some warp power in an hour Captain, possibly forty minutes."

Salek nodded. "Understood Commander, but you only have ten. Any longer and there may not be a ship to repair. Salek out." The channel closed as Keith's face started to react to the Salek's direction.

Keith could only stand there and think about it, 'Ten minutes? Has the captain been dipping into the Vulcan-happy powder again? Yeah, I could probably give you warp drive in about 10 minutes, but I can't guarantee you that the bridge of the H'lesk won't be going warp one to the port direction while the engine side goes off to the starboard direction at warp one.'

"Okay everyone!" he announced to the engineering crew, "you've heard the Captain, we've got maybe ten minutes to get the warp drive on this bucket of bolts up and running." Molir saw the expressions on the Gaetoni engineers. "Umm... sorry, about that comment about 'bucket of bolts.'" He continues, "If we can't get the warp drive back online, the Captain could very have us in environmental suits with warp packs to push the H'lesk into warp."

Molir started to walk away, back toward his console, "And yes, I know we don't have warp packs!"

Walking back toward his console, he catches Cadet James Finn just entering the engineering room. "Cadet Finn, perfect timing. Everyone's working on getting the warp drive back online."

Finn replied, "Aye, the Captain sent me down here to help out with the repairs. He also said that if you require further assistance, he will make officers available."

"Great, I need you to start fusing the plasma coils with the tri-polymer molecular sealant. When we kick this thing into gear, there's going to be raw, super-heated plasma flowing through those coils, so we're going to need to reinforce it."

"Understood, Commander," he answered confidently.

Molir smiled, "Good, then go to it."

=/\= (9 minutes 50 seconds later) =/\=

"Is that the last one?" Molir asked.

Tyler replied, "Yup, I think she's ready to go." Molir looked over to the each repair team and each gave their nod of approval.

Molir pressed down on the panel, "Initiating warp core activation." He monitored the activation work in sequence from one process to the next. "Reaction chamber synchronizing, plasma flow injectors are online. Plasma manifolds are stable and holding. Magnetic constrictors are operating at nominal levels and the magnetic seals are holding. Engaging main warp core... now." The core started to pulse with the familiar heartbeat-like sounds, a trademark sound of a working warp core.

The engineers started to rejoice in their efforts to bringing the core online. Molir didn't have time to rejoice at the moment. "Kam, please confirm my calculations."

{{Kam}}: "Confirmed. At present condition of the ship and the warp core components, maximum safe cruising speed is warp factor one-point-five for a duration of two-point-five-eight hours."

"Well, I guess it's better than one-quarter impulse power," he added. "Listen up folks, the next two hours will probably be bumpy still and we need to secure and stabilize the remaining hibernation chambers from any additional life-threatening situations."

Molir began handing out emergency duty assignments. "Tyler, I want you to take Finn, Thompson, Glenn. Start with helping the Gaetoni engineers in ridding the H'lesk computer system of the shutdown commands attacking various hibernation chambers." Molir redirected his attention to the remaining members of the engineering team. "The rest of you, help stabilize the warp drive system, see if we can get more than a couple of hours at warp-point-five. Dismiss."

With everyone hard at work, Molir took this moment to update Lieutenant MacLaren of their propulsion situation, 'Maybe I can even convince her to get the Captain to give me a raise?' he thought. 'Fat chance.'

=/\= (Another time jump: 2 hours later) =/\=

"Archer, this is Commander Fajil..."

Salek's voice responded to the call, "Go ahead, Commander. You have an update for us?"

Molir smiled. 'Do I ever,' he thought. "Aye, you'll be happ---" he stopped to correct himself. "You'll be pleas--" he stopped again. "You'll be satisfied to know that we've increased environmental conditions here on the H'lesk and we're ready to take on additional refugees from the Archer to help alleviate any resource strain you might be experience."

"Thank you, Commander." He also asked, "What is our current status on the warp drive?"

"Sorry, Captain... still no change to our current situation in either extending the duration of the warp drive or increasing the warp speed. I have two engineering teams right now, working on correcting the problem."

"Very good, anything else?"

Molir could only reply, "No, not at the moment."

"Continue your efforts, we require warp drive as long as possible." Salek emphasized the need of warp drive.

"I'll try my best, Captain." The comm-channel closed.

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