Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

Our Petition Gets Recognition

The Laporte Report: Tuesday is News Day

Day 11. Thanks for all your support - all those thousands of messages and petition signatures have definitely helped me have the courage of my convictions.

Wow, it's actually kewl to get recognition for something you've done to help someone else out. What do I mean? Well, in my previous blog entry, I mentioned that I've started an online petition to help drum out support for Leo's wrongful termination of his contract by Vulcan Ventures (outgoing owners of TechTV) and my petition is help Comcast & G4 (new owners of TechTV) understand the value that Leo brings.

Anyways, in his April 13th blog entry, he's officially acknowledge that he knows about the petitions -- it's one thing to do it, but it feels something different when it's acknowledge by the person you're doing it for. :)

Wow... I feel all warm and fuzzy now.

*COUGH* *COUGH* How about that Barry Bonds?

Go here for the MovableType entry.

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