Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

It's time to FIGHT BACK! (revisited)

Life is a Highway: It's time to FIGHT BACK!

Hi there again, it's Highway ... the guy that started A Call for G4/Comcast to Hire Leo Laporte from Vulcan Ventures... just so you know what I'm planning on doing with the petition, besides emailing to the various contacts at Comcast and the G4 group -- which can be ignored. I'm going to take the list of now 650+ signatures and I'm going to send a physical copy of the petition via US Postal Mail as registered mail of the list of signatures (names).

To help give this petition more voice, of the mistake that Vulcan Ventures did, I can send the company [Comcast & G4] a copy of the letter with each person's individual mailing address. If I'm provided mailing information, I can individualize a letter to come from each individual that sends in his/her information. Each individual mail will be sent via US Postal Service, registered so that it will require actual acknowledgement of receipt.

If this something you like done, feel free to email to "" (the email address has been converted to ASCII to thwart email harvesting programs) and just include your full name and mailing address, simple as that. All information WILL be kept private/confidential and WILL be erase/destroyed once the letter has been mailed.

If you want to help out with defering the costs of mailing registered postal mail, you can 'paypal' a donation to the indicated email address. This is not required.

Anyways, just trying to think of ways to make this effective and with a list of 650+ names from a petition that started on April 4th at about 12:30PM EST ... I'm sure Comcast will take notice.

Please pass this message around --

Go here for the MovableType entry.


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