Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

It's time to FIGHT BACK!

A Call for G4/Comcast to Hire Leo Laporte from Vulcan Ventures - Signatures

To: Comcast/G4

We, the undersigned, petition the G4 Group, a division of Comcast, to hire Leo Laporte, who we feel is the 'heart' and 'soul' of TechTV, in particular TechTV's more popular shows 'The Screen Savers' and 'Call For Help'. What Vulcan Ventures had attempted to do, forcing him to relinquish his shares in the company [Vulcan Ventures] in order for his contract to be renewed, was nothing short of blackmail and hostage negotiations -- holding his contract as hostage unless he [Leo Laporte] gives up his shares.

We the viewers of TechTV have signed this petition to indicate our dissatisfaction on how the matter was handled by Vulcan Ventures and would like said future owners [G4/Comcast] of TechTV to hire Leo Laporte, as we view this as a wise move to maintain the viewership numbers of TechTV.

Go here for the MovableType entry.


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