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[USS Archer] Stardate 240110.05: Duty Log - Lt. Cmdr. Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= USS Archer / Main Conference Room =/\=

Molir sat at his usual seat in the conference room listening to the various officers present their departmental reports. Across from him was an empty seat; a seat normally filled by Lt. Cmdr. McLaren, who was recently promoted, now lies in sickbay in critical condition. There was a hush for a few seconds as Molir realized people were waiting for him to give his report.

"Sorry," he said as he cleared his thoughts, "Archer's suffered major damages along the primary hull and secondary hull. The warp nacelles supports will need to be also maintenance. Primary defensives systems are current operating below optimal levels and our transwarp drive also needs major work. Damage assessment systems are currently offline so I don't have enough information at present time to provide an adequate estimate. I should have a better idea of the time needed to repair the damages upon arrival at Oceana." He ended his report.

=/\= USS Archer / Main Engineering (CEO Office) =/\=

"Chief Engineer's Log, Stardate 240110.05: the Archer was successful in the relocation of the indigenous Gaetoni inhabitants. The planet we located was very compatible to their original home world making assimilation to the new environment easier. The Gaetoni refugees called the new planet 'New-Gaeton' in keeping with their racial heritage. With our help and technology, we were able to complete the building of simple shelters for the entire Gaetoni populace within 4 days. We left with them five type-4 power generators and ample spare parts, this should help provide the necessary power for them for the duration until they are able to construct long-term power sources."

Molir took a quick sip of coffee from his cup and continued his log entry, "The Archer is currently orbiting Oceana, an N-class planet. Similar to leisure resort planet, Risa, Oceana offers the crew much of the same needed escape from the confines of the ship. Personally, I don't see why any one would leave such a fine ship as the Archer." He paused again in his log to review Jake Holmes' recent report.

There was a knock on Molir's office doorframe.

"Computer, pause log recording." Molir looked up, "Lieutenant," he called, "what can I do for you?" Lieutenant Tyler Johnson, Molir's assistant Chief Engineering Officer, entered the office with a grim look on his face.

"Commander," he said, "do you have a moment? There's something that requires your attention."

Keith was a little concern and curious to Tyler's comment. "Please..." Molir motioned to Tyler the open seat. Molir could see something troubling Tyler from his facial expression. "What can I help you with?"

"Commander," Tyler started to say, "I'm not sure how to say this ... with all that's happened recently during our mission on aboard the H'lesk ... and there's been some family issues developing that requires more of my attention and ... I've put in a request for a transfer."

Molir was shocked at the news, his only response was, "A transfer?"

"Yes sir," he nodded, "I've requested an engineering position closer to home; closer to my family. I-I... " His speech started to break.

"I understand, Lieutenant," an offering to ease his mind, "I have family too and I also miss them at times. Though I'm saddened that you'll be leaving us, I am glad that you'll continue to stay with Starfleet. When is your scheduled departure?"

"The captain has approved the use of a warp shuttle, I'm schedule to leave 09 00 hours tomorrow morning."

Molir smiled, "Well, that gives us a chance to give you a going-away-dinner." He could see that Tyler was about interject, "Don't worry, I'll set it up... you just be ready at 21 00 hours tonight. You will be there... that's an order, Lieutenant."

Tyler smiled, "Yes sir." He turned about and exited Keith's office.

There was a chirp from his comm-badge "Bridge to engineering," Commander Chesek voice announced over the ship's internal comm-systems.

He tapped in, "Keith, here."

"Commander," she asked, "do you have a timeline needed to complete repairs on the hull, our transwarp drives and primary defensive systems?"

"Aye," in a slight Scottish-accent, "we're looking at about 24-26 hours to complete the repair work, Commander, 20-hours at best if we push it without running into major problems."

"Very good, I'll inform the Captain of your recommendations. Also, we'll need to assign an engineering team to help the Oceanan maintenance staff in repairing their main reactor."

Molir pulled a PADD from his desk and examined his available engineering staff, "Acknowledged, I'll have Holmes and Finn head the engineering away team to help with the repairs. I'll stay on board to supervise the repairs on the ship." He pressed a couple of illuminated shapes on the PADD. "Oh, Commander, I assume you know about the Lieutenant Tyler Johnson's transfer. The engineering team will be hosting a 'bon-voy-age' party tonight at 21 00 hours down on the planet. It would be great if you and the captain can attend."

"I will notify the Captain of the event. Thank you, Commander."

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