Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

Petco Pet Supplies

Just a little rant and something to look for when entering such an establishment.

2441 Centreville Raod
Herndon, VA

One sign that the store is poorly run and maintained is when you're standing in front of the fish tanks looking at the fishes and NO ONE comes to ask if you need assistance. Even if you're just looking, someone should come and ask. I waited there for 15-20 minutes, one person was about 10 feet away, stacking boxes and pet supplies but never approached to offer assistance. He would help out those looking at the reptiles but he should have noticed and notified someone working the fish department.

Another sign is when the one person who was in the fish department finished cleaning what she was cleaning and came out from the back and did not even notice me and continue to the other part of the store to stack supplies. I'm not a small person to simply not see. She never came back.

At this point, I was comtemplating on leaving but I wanted to liberate some fishes, in particularly, Red Fin Swordtails and some other assorted swordtails. It was at this point when observing the other tanks, I've noticed that many of the tanks contained dead carcasses of dead fish. Not just one or two, but four or five. In one tank alone, underneath of the decorative stone, there was a graveyard of dead fishes. I've also noticed that there were other fishes that were in poor conditions. It was then that I decided not to purchase any fish as it would risk my fishes that I've already had at home.

I'm not surprised really that there were so many dead fishes and no one bother removing them (saw one frog munching on one of the dead fishes). If no one is there to help out customers, who's there to take care of the dead fishes. Sure it's part of sea/water life, to live and to die and the living feeding on the dead -- but what happens if the fished died of disease?

Anyways, that's it.

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