Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

All My Children (2004.06.02)

Okay, what a total turn-around by Babe -- in the previous episode, she told the crowd that Bianca is the mother to Bess. Today, she continued that speech, but not as a confession, rather as a statement and a offering to Bianca that she will always be the mother to Bess (aka Miranda). This throws Kendall into a hissy fit and her mistrust for Babe grows, her paranoia about the whole situation increases and had to be escorted from the party by Ryan.

The ceremony continues but Babe is now upstairs with her mom, Krystal -- discussing the outcome of the entire event -- trying to justify her actions. Of course, with her mom there, her decisions becomes less traumatic. I'm starting to hate Krystal.

Meanwhile, JR and Adam are still scheming on throwing out Babe on her laurels. If not for what's she's been doing, I would say she doesn't deserve it -- of course, this desire can change depending what Babe does to redeem herself.
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