Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
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The Chronicles of Riddick

I got the chance to see the movie, The Chronicles of Riddick at a special private screening today ... I give you my take on the movie...

Vin Diesel, Colm Feore, Keith David, Ja Rule and Judi Dench...

THE STORY: A unholy force of evil has been sweeping the known universe, invading one planet after another. Each conquest is believe to bring the Necromongers closer to the Underverse. Nothing is left of the planet it invades, those that won't convert are killed and those that do convert are used to replenish its armies. This evil is known as the Necromongers and the spread through the universe like the plague and normally it would be a battle of good versus evil, but in this case, you need another type of evil to fight.

Riddick had been on the run from mercenaries looking to cash-in on the bounty on Riddick's head and he doesn't make it easy for them. A team of four mercs proved to only insult Riddick as he quickly dispatched them and left for Helion Prime; to seek out the person who placed the bounty, the only person he had told of his whereabouts, the holy man. Upon reaching Helion Prime and finding the holy man, Riddick learn of the Necromongers' next target, Helion Prime.

Only he and he alone stand a chance of defeating the Necromongers, defeating the Lord Marshal of the Necromongers, for Riddick is thought to be a Furyan, a race of people long dead. Fables and stories once told of how the Furyans stood against the Necromongers in the past, that they were the only ones who could stop this plague.

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