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Kevin Rose Dot Com: Network changes at G4

Well, this came from the host of the show himself, Kevin Rose. G4 Media - has cancelled 'Unscrewed with Martin Sargent'. I'm not surprise really, despite being a late night person, I don't really follow the show religiously and I get the feeling that it's trying hard to be like the "Howard Stern Show" for TV.

In addition to the cancellation, The Screen Savers will also go through a period of re-vamping/re-structuring and according to Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht (recently dubbed as the show's newest co-host), Yoshi (the Mad Modder) and Dan "the Foo" Huard, have also been let go. As fond as I am watching the Screen Savers, I find that the show has detracted to nothing more than seeing what they can do to appease the audiences between 16 and 20 years of age; less on the actual technologies that the show has demonstrated in the past and more on the 'Hollywood' sensationalisms (comic book authors, rock bands, etc.).

When you watch the show now, they're often bumbling with the words and losing control of the show's direction. Alex (as intelligent as he really is) would not know what certain terms mean (for example, and I'm sorry for constantly bringing this up, he says on the show that he bought this new SLR camera and when he tries to explain what SLR means, he didn't even know that SLR stands for single-lens reflex). They don't appear to be doing the research as before when Patrick and Leo were on the show. Sure, times are changing and the show should change too, but much of the reason why folks loved the show was because the show actually teaches people things about technology.

"You don't need to be afraid of technology."

Now, according to Kevin, "I've been told there are going to be more darktips, and that the show will still have a tech focus." Let's hope that the show improves.

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