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My Top Spots to Live In/At


Baltimore, Maryland: The Sparkling Harbor City.
This Atlantic seaboard city is home to the National Aquarium

Portland, Oregon: City of Roses.
This Oregon city has the nation's largest forested municipal park, the aptly-named Forest Park

Washington, District of Columbia: The World's Greatest Capital
This most patriotic of American cities was laid out by a French architect

New Haven, Connecticut: Home of Yale University
The first hamburger was cooked at Louis' Lunch in this Connecticut spot in 1900...

Albuquerque, New Mexico: The Pulse of New Mexico
This city's International Balloon Fiesta features 850 hot air balloons each October

Frederick, Maryland: Where The Past Comes Alive
This Maryland city's Great Fair is one of the nation's oldest county agricultural fairs

Providence, Rhode Island: New England’s Best Kept Kept Secret
This Rhode Island spot is the home of the award-winning flaming sculpture WaterFire, installed on the three rivers of downtown...

Hartford, Connecticut: The Insurance Capital
This Connecticut city is home to America's oldest State House, oldest public art museum, and oldest continuously published newspaper...

Charleston, West Virginia: The Home of Hospitality
For a taste of yesteryear, catch the boat races at this West Virginia city's annual Sternwheel Regatta...

Annapolis, Maryland: Sailing Capital of the World
This historic Maryland city has the oldest working state Capitol in the country, topped by the nation's largest wooden dome

Little Rock, Arkansas: Where America Comes Together
All Maybelline products distributed in the U.S. are made in this fashion-conscious spot

Gaithersburg, Maryland: The Park City
This town is home to a "Latitude Observatory" - one of five in the world - built in 1899 to measure the wobble of the earth's axis...

Boston, Massachusetts: America’s Walking City
Here in "America's Walking City," you can stroll down to famous Franklin Park for the annual Kite Festival...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The Genuine American City
This Wisconsin "City of Festivals" celebrates its diverse ethnic heritage all year long, with over 20 major cultural festivals

Chicago, Illinois: The Windy City
This big city has more shopping center space per capita than any other American city

San Jose, California: The Silicon Capital
This city is home to Lou's Living Donut Museum, a combination donut shop and museum with tours and a secret recipe...

Sacramento, California: The River City
This state capital is the oldest incorporated city in California

Danbury, Connecticut: Small-Town Charm Near the Big Apple
Zadoc Benedict began making beaver hats here in 1780, starting this Connecticut town's important hat industry...

San Francisco, California: The Golden Gate City
The towers of this city's Golden Gate Bridge are purposely out of alignment in order to compensate for the curvature of the earth...

Orange County, California: Live The California Dream
Home to 42 miles of sandy beaches and some of California's best known attractions, this spot boasts great surfing, sunning, and sailing

Bend, Oregon: Oregon’s Natural Playground
This Oregon town's municipal airport was used for pilot training during World War II

Oakland, California: East Bay Livin
The area around this now-famous city was once owned by Don Luis Peralta, a Spanish soldier granted the land to help settle and secure it.

Carson City, Nevada: Nevada’s Historic Capital
This Frontier city thrived and became a territorial capital following the discovery of the famous Comstock silver lode in the 1850's

Eugene, Oregon: The Emerald City
This Oregon city is home to the Hendricks Park Rhododendron Garden, famous all over the world for its beautiful blossoms...

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