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The Great American Pop Culture Quiz (by Entertainment Weekly)

Poll #456700 The Great American Pop Culture Quiz

What is the name of the Marines' unofficial disciplinary practice that Tom Cruise investigates in "A Few Good Men"?

In "Basic Instinct", what household item does Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) use to dispatch her unlucky victims?

In "Aladdin", which of these distinguished gents is not impersonated by Robin Williams' manic genie?

William F. Buckley, Jr.
Arnold Schwartzenegger
John Wayne
Ed Sullivan

In 1992, which of the following earned Oscar nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor?

Al Pacino
Gene Hackman
Jack Nicholson
Denzel Washington

In what magazine does "Seinfeld's" George Constanza take an unseemly interest when he is "caught" by his mother?

What is the title of Spinal Taps' less-than-triumphant comback album?

In "Glengarry Glen Ross", first prize in the montly sales contest is a Cadillac Eldorado. What is the 2nd prize?

In the first season of "The Real World", what was the name of housemate Andre's band?

In "My Cousin Vinny", Joe Pesci defends two "yutes" accused of murder in what state?

Musicians from which real-life band backed up Matt Damon's cinematic band in "Singles"?


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