Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

Opening of Cold Stone Creamery at Worldgate Centre, Herndon, Virginia

Cold Stone Creamery

Well, my brother-in-law opened up his second franchise Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream store within the Worldgate Centre in Herndon, Virginia. Imagine an ice cream place where you called the shots as to what goes into your ice cream. You get the highest quality of ingredients that goes with your ice cream, yogurt and italian sorbet. You decide what you want for your ingredients and then ... they mixed it all up for you on top of a cold/frost-chilled granite stone top.

Cold Stone Creamery

It's a very customer-focused business, the crew members even sing when they receive a tip. The "Entertainment Factor" is meant to lend a fun, festive atmosphere.

Cold Stone Creamery
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