Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

Celebrities I Want to Meet...

Below is my top-ten list of film/television/music celebrities that I've not met in person.

01. [ ] Faith Hill
02. [ ] Sara Evans
03. [ ] Shania Twain
04. [ ] Ashley Judd
05. [ ] Jessica Biels
06. [ ] Morgan Webb
07. [ ] Keira Knightley
08. [ ] Kirsten Dunst
09. [ ] Sarah Michelle Gellar
10. [ ] Mira Sorvino

To others:

  1. take this list and post on your own journal with the modifications

  2. place an 'X' next to the celebrity that you've met in person

  3. a short description on how you've met them and where

  4. add three of your own celebrities that you have not met in person.

  5. post a comment on the originating entry giving a link to your own journal entry

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