Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

Wife and I (actually our Ford Hybrid Escape) were on Discovery Health Channel

Discovery Health Channel aired an episode of Critical Hour which detailed the event that occured on I-95 just north of Baltimore, MD. The sudden mix of rain and hail produced a mist that blanket the view in a pure white haze created by the sunlight. This caused multiple accidents along a 9-mile stretch of I-95.

The 'small' version contains scenes where are Ford Escape Hybrid was shown (our vehicle was closest to the center of the median/ditch). The 'edit' version is pretty much the whole episode that involved the I-95 accident.

The images below were taken with my camera as we were pretty much near the front of the accident.

I-94 Pile UpI-94 Pile Up
9 Miles of Chaos (small, 3.1 MB)
9 Miles of Chaos (edited, 82.2 MB)
I-94 Pile Up
I-94 Pile UpI-94 Pile Up
I-94 Pile UpI-94 Pile Up
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