Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

The Dream PC Machine

Image hosted by Features
  • Radically Different Design
  • Features best of ATX and BTX form factor!
  • Performance Tuned Athlon FX
  • Performance Tuned SLi Video
  • Brushed Anodized & Machined Chassis
  • Voodoo f:5 Supercharged Intercooling
  • Worlds Fastest & Quietest Production PC
  • Built to ISO9000:2001 Standards
  • 10"(W) X 23"(D) X 18"(H)
  • OMEN Gold
  • Allure Finish
  • Voodoo OMEN Elemental PC
  • Voodoo Performance and Stability Re-Engineering
  • Voodoo Renowned Cabling System
  • Voodoo Disaster Recovery System II
  • Voodoo EDGE Mousing Surface
  • Voodoo Koeskin System Binder
  • Free VoodooPC T-Shirt
  • IS09001:2000 Quality Control Standards
  • Voodoo MAGA Aluminium Chassis
  • Voodoo Illuminated Mask & Airbox
  • Eye of the Storm and Electric Veins
  • ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
  • Voodoo Stealth 650 Watt Modular Silent Power Supply
  • AMD Athlon 64 FX-57
  • Voodoo OMEN Supercharged Intercooler
  • Purple Voodoo super coolant
  • 4 Gig Corsair 3500LL Pro Memory Kit
  • Configure & Enable Onboard RAID(s)
  • 500 GiG HGST Sata 7200 RPM (drive 1)
  • 500 GiG HGST Sata 7200 RPM (drive 2)
  • 500 GiG HGST Sata 7200 RPM (drive 3)
  • 500 GiG HGST Sata 7200 RPM (drive 4)
  • OMEN Molded Digital Card Reader
  • Pioneer Dual Layer 16X DVD+-RW (drive 1)
  • Pioneer Dual Layer 16X DVD+-RW (drive 2)
  • NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX 512 SS (video 1)
  • NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX 512 SS (video 1)
  • Logitech Harmony Remote 680
  • 46" Samsung Syncmaster 8ms Gaming LCD
  • Creative Labs X-Fi Elite Pro
  • Voodoo SOUL 5.1 Wood Pro Monitor Speakers (Not Paintable)
  • Voodoo OMEN Metal Travel Box with wheels
  • Complimentary 1st Class Worldwide Shipping
  • Microsoft Media Center 2005 Kit Including NVIDIA NTSC Tuners
  • Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003
  • FUEL Software Essentials v2.0
  • Voodoo GameDoctor - 1 Year Membership
  • Logitech DiNovo Media Desktop Bluetooth
  • Logitech® G7 Laser Cordless Mouse
  • Intelligent LCD Display MX233
  • Premium Select Upgrade Assurance
  • Voodoo Elemental Care 3 Year
USD $27423.71 as low as $822.71/mo. CAD $32647.27 as low as $1240.60/mo. AUS €23506.04

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