July 17th, 2001

Morgan Webb 2

[USS Archer] Stardate 240107.17: Personal Log - Lt. Cmdr. Fajil Molir Keith

=/\= USS Archer =/\=
=/\= Molir's Personal Quarters =/\=

Molir, Archer's chief of engineering, took the last hour and a half assigning his engineers into teams of five for the away mission to help out with the repairs of the H'lesk, while at the same time, organizing three additional teams to watch over the Archer. Having completed that
task, he had a few hours (actually two hours) to kill and figured to take a breather.

"Kam, overall room illumination at 15%, please," he requested.

A PADD on his desk chirped and increased the room illumination, faint shadows of his furnishings become apparent. Molir slowly made his way to his bedroom as his eyes acquired his target, the dreaded bed. Now within mere inches away, he ordered to drop his shields, drifting towards the gravitational pull of the bed. "Kam, please wake me in 90 minutes."

{-Kam-}: "Confirmed."

Unable to fight the power of the bed, he collapsed. It didn't take long before he was fast asleep.

=/\= USS Archer =/\=
=/\= Molir's Personal Quarters =/\=
=/\= (89 minutes later) =/\=

A sharp chirp echoed through the room. "Arughhhh..." It's definitely life, but not as we know it.
Morgan Webb 2

[USS Archer] Stardate 240107.17 (Supplemental): Duty Log - LtCmdr Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineer

=/\= USS Archer =/\=
=/\= Main Engineering =/\=

Feeling somewhat refreshed, getting ninety minutes of rest, Molir re-entered main engineering. It wasn't five seconds when his comm-badge chirped.

{{Gonai}} "Gonai to Keith."

Molir tapped his comm-badge, "Keith here."

{{Gonai}} "Keith, Commander Chesek has given the okay for your teams to embark the Gaetoni vessel. Please have your teams report to the main transporter room."

"Roger that Kor, teams in route. Keith out." Molir tapped his comm-badge again, "Keith to all engineering away team-leaders, assemble your teams and meet me in the main transporter room." Luckily for Molir, the members of his team were still in main engineering.

"Okay, everyone on my team, let's move out to the transporter room. Lieutenant Gaines, keep her in one piece." He smiled. Ensigns Hsu and Gellar, Cadet Jer'ak and Crewmen Johansen and Lorrah followed Molir out.

=/\= USS Archer =/\=
=/\= En Route to the Transporter Room =/\=

Ensign Gellar quickened his pace to pull himself alongside the commander. "Umm, Commander?" he asked.

"Yes, Ensign, what can I help you with?"

Grayson inquired about their specific duties on the away mission, "Sir, if I may ask, what is our assignment on the alien ship?" Ensign Gellar was a new addition to the engineering team, who also transferred from another starship while docked at Starbase 22. He was always somewhat eager to advance his learning and at times, making himself stand out from the crowd by doing so.

"Ensign," he answered, "I'm putting our team and one other in charge of re-energizing they main power core." They proceeded into the turbo-lift at the end of the corridor. Molir directed his gaze toward the group, "We'll need to repair and to restart their main power before we can successfully resuscitate the rest of the hibernation chambers."

"Cool!" he exclaimed. Molir smiled

=/\= USS Archer =/\=
=/\= Main Transporter Room =/\=

The room was already crowded with engineering, medical and security teams waiting to beam out, as fast as the transporters will proceed. There were other engineering teams waiting to be transferred over to the alien ship. Each of team leads had their orders transmitted to them on the PADDs prior. Molir had assigned Ensign Holmes and Lieutenant Johnson to work on repairing the hibernation chambers so that when main power is restored, the chambers will be ready for activation.

Cadet Shilishod's team was given the task of repairing much of the primary systems along the ship. Lastly, Lieutenant Ch'aar will oversee that engineering sub-systems are operational before main power is restored.

"Engineering teams, we're next..."