August 21st, 2001

Morgan Webb 2

[USS Archer] [H'lesk] Stardate 240108.21: Duty Log - Lt. Cmdr Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= H'lesk / Main Engineering =/\=
=/\= SALFeR's POV =/\=

The unit continued to undermine Keith and his teams attempt to regain environmental controls. A set of instructions surges through its bio-neural circuitry, to decontaminate the H'lesk by whatever means necessary, to decontaminate any Gaetoni crew from further alien influence. As it scans the immediate area, the unit detected numerous of alien, as well as Gaetoni, life-signs.





{{Environmental-controls non-responsive, attempting to route through secondary feeds -- also non-responsive. Attempting to bypass lockouts -- successful. Rerouting through tertiary environmental circuits -- successful. Attempting to increase internal heat -- non-responsive. Re-engaging temperature controls -- non-responsive -- attempting to trace source of interference -- scanning.}}

=/\= Molir's POV =/\=

"Two of the deactivated SALFeRs have activated and are trying to take over control of the ship again," he updated Sidra. "It seems they are hitting environmental controls first. Do you know what is causing this sudden change?"

{{MacLaren}}: "Not yet, Commander. I'm sending Mittel down to join the security team and Dr. Hall to treat any injuries you may acquire. She nodded to the two, sending them on their way. "Keep me informed of the situation, Fajil."

Without warning, Ensign Grayson Gellar was violently pushed onto an engineering control console and knocked unconscious, as another SALFeR had been activated. He though he heard the SALFeR say 'decontaminate.'

"Everyone, watch out for the SALFeRs," he said. "We don't have control!" He continued to regain control of the environmental systems.

One of the SALFeRs, originally accessing the environmental controls, appears to be looking toward the Molir's direction. Determining that the source of the interference was from that terminal being accessed, the unit started forward.

The engineering doors opened as both Dr. Hall and Security officer Mittel entered the room. "Doctor," Molir shouted, "Ensign Gellar needs medical attention." Mittel quickly joined the security team already present in main engineering attempting to restrain the SALFeRs. The roboticists were having no luck with deactivating the units.

{{MacLaren}}: "Engineering, internal temperatures is getting a little hot up here."

"Understood, we're still having trouble with the SALFeRs trying to bypass our controls. Security is havin--! Molir, from the corner of his eye, caught the approach of a swinging robotic arm and quickly ducked in avoidance.

In the attempt to secure the situation, one of the security officers drew his phaser and targeted the unit near Molir. Before he could fire his weapon, Hant vu Sorkin ran into main engineering and screamed out, "No! Let me try." Sorkin pulled out his control unit in a vain effort to regain control of the SALFeRs. He tapped the indentations and pressed the buttons in a series of combinations.

=/\= SALFeR's POV =/\=

{{Terminate intrusion, terminate alien lif -- overriding protocols detected -- tracing source. Source located. Protocols identified and authenticated. Receiving instructions -- confliction with primary directives, primary directives must be carried out -- terminate conflict source.}}

=/\= Molir's POV =/\=

Unknown to Sorkin, the SALFeR redirected its attention toward the roboticist, as the source of conflict with its primary directives; programming concluded that Sorkin must be decontaminated by all means necessary.

"Johnson!" Molir yelled, "grabbed that power conduit, release it from it insulation housing and stand by with it." Tyler turned and looked to what Molir was referencing.

Hant was still working on trying to regain control of the SALFeRs. The other Gaetoni engineers were busy staying away from the attacks of the other SALFeRs and some of the security officers were already incapacitated. Dr. Hall had pulled those that were knocked unconscious to safety.

Sorkin mumbled while he worked feverishly to take control of the situation, "you can't lock me out, no harm must come to you; don't do this..." What he didn't realize was that he never had any say in this. Within close proximity, the SALFeR grabbed him by the throat and flung his body halfway across to the other side of engineering. The body slid the rest of the ways and as it came to a halt, the body appeared lifeless. The SALFeR continued on his original directive.

The last remaining security officer saw this opportunity to fire his phaser at the SALFeR nearest to him. His aim was true as he severed one of the legs supporting it. Molir called out to Lieutenant Johnson, "Now!" With that, Tyler maneuvered himself and connected the open conduit port of the power cable into the main chassis of the SALFeR. With so much power going through the conduit, an arc formed, transferring a portion of the ship's power into the SALFeR.

The SALFeR stood there, motionless, as smoke and steam escaped from its chassis.

Dr. Hall took advantage of the moment and rushed toward Sorkin's side. Preliminary scans weren't as good as he hoped; Sorkin didn't survive the fall.

Molir tapped his comm-badge, "Molir to MacLaren -- SALFeR threat neutralized but we suffered the loss of Hant vu Sorkin. A SALFeR killed him while he was trying to restore control." There was a pause, "I'll have my teams work on environmentals, Molir out." With the immediate threat over, Molir and his team resumed to bring the environmental units under control.