December 18th, 2001

Morgan Webb 2

And this is what I'm suppose to look forward to when I graduated from college? -heh

Today's Tasks:

After coming back from taking the day off on Monday, December 16th, I come back to find out that scripts that was written 6 months ago no longer work or work but error'ing every so often and needs overhauling.

So, I now have to re-absorb the schema of what the scripts were originally doing and re-hash them into newer, more efficient versions.

Of course, while I'm doing this, my other projects are piling up.

Another day in the real working world, eh?

good news: chinese delivery will be here in 10 minutes! - yah!

Things I ordered delivered from the restaurant:
  • Hot -n- Sour Soup
  • Fried Chicken Wings
  • Hunan Chicken with steamed white rice.
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      The Corrs - Breathless