December 20th, 2001

Morgan Webb 2

If it ain't broke, fix it... if it breaks, it needed fixin' anyways.

You know the saying about not leaving something well enough alone... I modified my journal style, AGAIN! ...

Please note that this style works best with people using Internet Explorer, v4.0 or better. If you're using Netscape, sorry, I figure, if I tried to please everyone all the time, I will end up not pleasing anyone anytime. So, I'm doing this for only Internet Explorer browsers.

Check out either: highway or highway's friends

For those that help out with support, check the new support panel on the right. :)
Morgan Webb 2

Just received a notice from the internet


During our routine sweep of the Internet we, 
the Internet Police, have discovered that 
you have been on your chair in front of the computer

to clean up that pile of 
cups, cans, wrappers and papers on your desk 
(yes, we can see you -- sit up straight!) 
and after you have logged into 
the real world for a minimum of ten minutes 
you may log back on to the Internet. 

Failure to comply may result in loss of reality, 
carpal tunnel syndrome, 
and the requirement of a larger chair. 
The timer starts NOW! Get off your butt -- 
you'll thank us for it later.