August 2nd, 2002

Morgan Webb 2

Public Service Announcements 1.1 - New Developments

For those interested, both howto's
  • How to Add Background Music to your Journal style
  • How to Embed a 3rd Party Web Reporting Utility
has been made private/protected from the journal due to changes that will strip elements from the *_HEAD that isn't either <LINK>, <TITLE>, <BASE>, <STYLE>, or <META>.

So be prepared!

If you're using overrides that uses special <DIV>'s or <BGSOUND> ... you can still use it but when you edit it... it will be purged upon saving.

From now on, if you want background music, you will need to create your own journal style and put the following tag within your journal style (just after the <body> HTML tag):

<bgsound src="" loop=1></bgsound>

Where for the: = web address of your webhosting site
useraccount = name of your account (not applicable to everyone)
soundfile.mid = name of the soundfile (can also be wavs and mp3s files)

loop = n-times/infinite, n-times = play n times before stopping, infinite = continuous