August 7th, 2003

Morgan Webb 2

(Legend of the Green Dragon) "Just Married"

My character just got married, my character of Legend of the Green Dragon :) *well, not really*

Here are the details after asking Violet to marry me :

The Boar's Head Inn
Violet is working feverishly to serve patrons of the inn. You stroll up to her and take the mugs out of her hand, placing them on a nearby table. Admidst her protests you kneel down on one knee, taking her hand in yours. She quiets as you stare up at her and utter the question that you never thought you'd utter. She stares at you and you immediately know the answer by the look on her face.

It is a look of exceeding happiness. "Yes!" she says, "Yes, yes yes!!!" Her final confirmations are burried in a flurry of kisses about your face and neck.

The next days are a blur; you and Violet are married in the abbey down the street, in a gorgeous ceremony with many frilly girly things.

Go here for the MovableType entry.

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