September 19th, 2003

Morgan Webb 2

The Day After Hurricane Isabel

God I hate stupid drivers the day after a hurricane.

With much of the traffic lights out at various intersections, people don't realize that when there is NO traffic lights working at an intersection, YOU to treat it as a 4-WAY STOP, not a 4-way yield.

This red vehicle (unknown make at the time) came up behind me and when I came to a complete stop, he pulled to my right and proceeded across the intersection at high-speeds. I followed him (only because he was going to say direction I was)... and yup, came to a rolling slow (not stop), and went on through.

Maybe I should have just join the police force and pull this sucker's ass over.

Okay, enough of me ranting... I'm gonna go put on my t-shirt that says:
"I survived Hurricane Isabel and all I got was this t-shirt."

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Morgan Webb 2

Survivor: Pearl Island

The 7th season of Survivor (Pearl Island) has just begun and I'm already cheering for the Drake team. The theme of this season's is "Pirates" and the Drake team has already embodied that philosophy.

For those that haven't watched it yet, I'll leave my details in the link...


  • When one tribe wins the first Reward Challenge, they learn of a new twist: one member may visit the losing tribe's island to pillage and loot one item from their supplies!

  • A tribe is stunned when one Survivor conffesses a desire to quit the game.

  • Rupert, Drake's "Blackbeard," goes into a rage after learning that a tribemate has lost something crucial to Drake's survival, but is determined to recover it at all costs.

  • It's a desperate battle of mind and body for immunity, where every last second will decided the winner in a photo finish you must see to believe.

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