October 4th, 2003

Morgan Webb 2



Well, just made a fool of myself. I was watching TechTV's The Screen Savers that I had recorded from my DirectTV. The top tech news for the day had been the RIAA suing a 12-year old and a grandfather (age unknown).

First, the background of the two suits. The first being the 12-year old girl being sued. The girl had asked her mom to pay $20.00 for registering a copy of Kazaa thinking that it would pay for downloading music. Nope ... that wasn't the case and the RIAA settled the case for $2,000.00. The second suit was against a grandfather but apparently the grandfather wasn't doing the downloading, rather the grandson on the grandfather's machine was doing the downloading -- no results regarding this.

Anyways, I heard Leo Laporte quote something from David Bowie where he states:

You don't sue your customers

My take is this. Those that abuse file swapping, downloading hundreds, thousands of songs, are not customers. To be a customer would entail some kind of monetary or trade to take place between the owner and the buyer. Well, since they're downloading the music for free and the artists are getting nothing from the songs downloaded -- you're not a customer, therefore the RIAA isn't suing customers.

What it comes down to is, "pay for something you value as worthy -- wouldn't you like to be paid for something you've worked on?"

So, anyway --- I wrote an email stating what I basically said above and it out to the screen savers... no sooner I push the send button when I find out that the show airing was an re-airing of an earlier date -- BACK in SEPTEMBER! D'Oh!!!!

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