October 13th, 2003

Morgan Webb 2

Yay! I'm almost home!

I'm on my way back from Las Vegas! I'm currently in Atlanta, Georgia's airport (don't know exactly the name) but I'm using airpath.net for my high-speed internet access.

It's currently 19:40 and my connection flight doesn't leave until 22:xx.

So, I'll update when I get home completely when I get home.
Morgan Webb 2

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

sarah. word.: all birthdayed out

Sarah Lane is now 27 years old -- I celebrated her birthday by being in Vegas :)

My first time in Vegas ... it's an experience that don't mind having again. Even joined up with one of those 'frequent' player membership thang. Like I would be going to Vegas that often to utilize it. Still it's free to join, and eventually, you get the comps to be worth something.

Anyways... I'm in Atlanta right now waiting for my connecting flight at 22:30. I just wanted to let everyone else know that Sarah had a birthday!

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