November 5th, 2003

Morgan Webb 2

Playing with Photoshop ...

I think I did an adequate job with using PhotoShop to edit this image:

Starfleet Academy

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles

It's looks pretty convincing, what do you think?

Go here for the MovableType entry.

Morgan Webb 2

MacOS X'd My PC

After looking at Rudis' BLOG, I began my path in MacOS X'fying my Dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop :) Now, I haven't gone as far in the customization as Rudis, but it looks kewl.

Check out this screenshot:

For instructions on how to Mac'fying your PC, check out the blog link above.

Go here for the MovableType entry.

Morgan Webb 2

Kevin's Pippy with a Tippy!

Kevin read one of the funniest introductions that was displayed on the teleprompter. As you know, Kevin Rose has been nicknamed as the Dark Tipper and because he's going out with Sarah Lane, she's been stuck with the nickname "The Petite Tipper".

So, Kevin read the following on the teleprompter:
Now, here's my Pippy with a tippy...

See her reaction:

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