November 28th, 2003

Morgan Webb 2

Morning Shopper Madness...

Wow, today was first 'the day-after Thanksgiving' shopping experience. I woke up with my wife at 04:45AM to get a jump on the shopping. I was dropped off at the Best Buy store on Shady Grove Road (Maryland) and the line had already extended about 100 yards from the closed doors of the store. My wife went to the Rockville Pike (Maryland) store to cover more ground.

At the opening at 06:00AM, it was total madness -- I was focused on what I wanted, Maxtor 120GB 8MB Cache 7200 RPM IDE Hard Drive that was going for $139.99 with a $90.00 mail-in rebate. So, overall, I really would have spent $49.99. I got myself two HDs and 5 DVDs ($25.00) [ A Bridge Too Far, Cast Away, When Harry Met Sally, Big Momma's House and Men of Honor ].

'Whew!' ... my first experience :)

Will I do it again? Depends on what's on sale :)

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