December 2nd, 2003

Morgan Webb 2

Spammers Know Literary Works?

BBC NEWS | Technology | Spammers turn to classic prose

A friend had sent me this URL link to an article that tells how spammers are trying to stay ahead of the game of anti-spamming software.

They tried breaking up words with '.' or special types of characters, anti-spamming software is cracking down. They tried using invisible yet meaningless HTML tag codes... anti-spamming software is cracking down. What's left? Literary works ... complete passages can be found embedded in the spam message in the attempt to fool the anti-spam software that the spam is a legitimate piece of email.

Sometimes I wonder, do spammers get spam mail too? And do they suffer the same inconvenience as the rest of us? Or do they all share some kind of 'escape' code that prevents spammers from sending spam to other spammers?

Go here for the MovableType entry.

Morgan Webb 2

Patting myself on the back...

Well, with some help from fellow collegues from work, I'm now able to utilize the internet from my laptop using the school's (Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland) network.

Here's how it was done:

[LAPTOP]-[802.11B PCcard] <--> [802.11B USB]-[DESKTOP]-[NIC]<->[SCHOOL/INTERNET]

[802.11B USB] is configured to 'Network Type': AD-HOC & WEP is set to none
[NIC] Desktop NIC card is shared (ICS).
[802.11B PCcard] is manually configured to use DNS Servers of school.

Linksys 802.11B Wireless Compact USB Adapter ($69.00)
Linksys 802.11B Wireless PCMCIA Adapter ($59.99)

Once the drivers have been installed on the computer that will be designated as the ad-hoc 'router', make sure to share (internet connection sharing) the other network card that isn't the wireless card. You will also need to change the 'network type' of the USB Adapter to be 'Ad-Hoc' instead of 'Infrastructure'. WEP encryption is optional. Changing the SSID is also optional.

Allow the computer time to reset the network configurations on the USB adapter. You will get a network established and the USB Adapter is now a WAP.

If you don't auto-discover WAPs in the area, you'll need to add the access point with the matching SSID. Make sure the WEP matches your USB Adapter and you'll need to change the DNS servers to match that of the given network that you're attaching to.

Once done, you should be able to start surfing and reading your email from your laptop.

Go here for the MovableType entry.