January 29th, 2004

Morgan Webb 2

Dude, you are not alone!

I drive to work everyday and everyday, I take the Dulles Toll Road in Virginia -- $0.50 to enter and $0.25 to exit and vice versa. So, I'm about to exit the toll road to head to work and in front of me was a Dark Blue/Black Lexus, behind me was a mack truck. So, the Lexus pulls up to the toll booth and instead of dropping $0.25 and driving off, he stopped and pulled out a 'card' of some sort.

Now, dropping the quarter and driving off would take maybe 5 seconds, 10 seconds, tops. Well, no, he pulls and hands the toll attendant a card that apparently waives the payment of $0.25 or maybe it's deferred. Well, what this prompted was an additional 2-3 minutes waiting. At this point, I can't back up and use the other toll lane because the mack truck is also waiting. You know mack trucks, they're not quick with reversing and using the other toll lane, especially when there still oncoming traffic exiting the toll road.

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