March 24th, 2004

Morgan Webb 2

Well, I'm back from Taiwan...

Well, in case some of you readers haven't heard, I went back to Taiwan for about 10 days for some rest and relaxation and rallying. My wife and in-laws wanted to go back to Taiwan to vote in the 3/20/2004 Taiwan presidential elections and so - we went back.

My main purpose was to provide support and to take pictures and I took a lot of pictures. You can check it out at my photo gallery (Gallery Site 1 || Gallery Site 2). There are many pictures there and there still some I've not yet uploaded.

The time it took to Taipei, Taiwan was something else. 6-7 hours from JFK to Anchorage, Alaska (refueling) and then from there to Taiwan, 10 hours. On the way back, it was a non-stop flight from Taipei, Taiwan to NY-JFK (14 hours) and then 1 hr to Reagan National.

My first couple of days was fine, didn't have any problems -- it wasn't until I got to my wife's cousin's house (in Mieo-li) and we stayed over. The morning after, we had some ramen noodles -- well, that's when everything went down hill. What I had thought was hunger was simply my stomach having some kind of reaction to that particular ramen noodles. I thought I would take a nap and maybe feel better before we left that night, back to Taipei. When I woke up, I felt worse and my stomach has having some kind of reaction. It wasn't until I vomited the contents in the toilet of the men's room at the train station that I started to feel better. My stomach still a little queasy but much better.

Well, there were many issue while in Taiwan.

On 3/13, we paraded down towards the capital of Taiwanshowing our support for the presidential candidate Lien Chen and his running mate, Soong. Took many pictures there too.

On 3/19, there was also the apparent 'assassination' attempt on the presidential incumbent, Chen Shun-Bien and the vice president, Annette Lu -- how convenient that both the president and vice president were on the same vehicle, wearing no protection and only getting minor gun shot wounds.

On 3/20, Chen Shun-Bien won re-election, many of which believe that the assassination attempt help sway voters to re-electing him.

On 3/21, there was a protest that there were many irregularities in both the election process and the assassination attempt -- conflicting stories, things that just didn't add up.

On 3/22, my wife and I flew back to the states... 14 hour flight. Gawd it's great to be back with HS internet access.

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