October 28th, 2004

Morgan Webb 2

Alternative to FreeiPods.Com ...

Alternative to FreeiPods.Com ...

iPod MiniIt's only time when some other business is gonna use the same business model as 'FreeiPods.com' and looks like mp3players4free.com is that company. What's different about this site is that it offers other MP3 players like, for example:

Rio Carbon 5GB player, iRiver H320 20GB and others.

Rio Carbon 5GbNewly started, there are many great offers to jump on and right now the easiest and simplest is joining Blockbusters.com online DVD rental. You get a 2-week free trial period but you'll need to enter a billing address and credit card. If you've recently joined and cancelled your membership, you can join again with different billing information.

Now, whether or not this company is as true as FreeiPods.com, that's still up in the air but be sure that I'll keep my eye out for it and I'll update you when there's more information.