March 4th, 2005

Morgan Webb 2

If Anyone Is Looking For a Gmail Account Invite Code?

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It's a free service, don't need to subscribe to any bulletin board. You need only provide an email address of where you want the invite code delivered. Each user will receive the 'actual' code needed to create an account

Secondary email address that Gmail asks you to set will be done automatically at the account creation stage.

The site also accepts donations from users with an invites to give away but don't want to be hassled by users constantly asking "give me an invite, please?".
Morgan Webb 2

Identical Twins Not A Problem for Parents Only

NASA's Mars rovers Opportunity and Spirit are identical twins - so alike that they even fooled NASA. Researchers have discovered that they sent the robots to Mars with an instrument meant for Opportunity inside Spirit and vice versa.

While the bungle does not undermine the main scientific conclusions drawn from the data collected by the rovers, it is an embarrassing slip-up for a space agency that once lost a Mars spacecraft because engineers mixed up metric and imperial units.

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