June 9th, 2005

Morgan Webb 2

Ping's Home!

The doctors finally released her from the hospital but she'll need to be on IV-antibiotics for the next two weeks at least. Man, look at all those syringes! Anyways, after seven days in the hospital, my wife was finally released after what turned out to be more than a simple appendectomy. She's on major bedrest for the next few days.

Nothing like "Civilization III - Play the World (Single Player Mode)" for the last seven days... it was driving me bonkers ;)

I'll be working from home, of course, after things have settle down a bit.
Morgan Webb 2

Ping's Home with a PICC

Home with a PICCAs you can see from the picture, she's resting on the chair with an IV bag through a PICC line that she had installed two days ago. I get to do all the prepping. :)

She's getting Vancomycin and Invanz. The nurse came and gave us a quick course in prepping the line.

She's resting comfortably on the chair watching movies on the DVD player.