February 25th, 2006

Morgan Webb 2

Get Rich Slowly...

What exactly is this "Highway's Get Rich Slowly" Program?

To explain it simply, earn money for doing almost nothing but registering for a click-for-pay email system, you earn about $0.01xx per email per click.

But, unlike other email-click programs, you literally don't have to do anything after you register.

What do you mean I make money for doing nothing?

By allowing us to use your real life data (for payment purposes), you will get a separate email address (supplied by us, where the spam will be sent) and the proceeds you've earned with my system.

All that is important is that you'll be literally making cents for doing absolutely nothing. It's a slow process but you get some $$ for doing nothing.

Why do you mean my real life information?

Though you make pennies a day, you will eventually want to cash when you make the minimum ($10.00) cash out amount. Your real information is needed to provide you with the payment.

I don't live in the United States, can I still join?

While this program is open to the international community, I've often notice that people outside of the United States barely gets any pay-per-click e-mail only because much of the 'ads' are targetted to people living in the United States.

You're still welcome to join and you do get e-mail ... just not as often as those in the United States.

What do you gain from this?

Well, I'll be the person sponsoring you so I will also get a percentage for every 'click' that is 'performed'. A percentage that comes out of the pay-per-click email provider, not from your commission.

Will I get slammed from spam email?

Although you will be getting a lot more spam mail, all the spam is being sent to an email address that you don't have to monitor or to clean out. The emailbox will automatically be scanned and valid pay-per-click URL contained within will be 'clicked'.

Okay, where do I sign up or send the information?

You will need to either click on the link below, or click on the link on the menu to the left 'how do I participate?' You will be asked answers that you would normally find on a registration page of the pay-per-click website.

Remember, real information is needed so that you can get paid when you make the minimum cashout amount.

Link: how do I sign up?

Do you sell the information I provide you?

NO, we don't sell the information you provide to other people. However, this doesn't mean that the site we're providing the registration won't distribute your e-mail. But that's okay, cause the e-mail address we give them is based on this site and you won't get flooded with SPAM e-mail.

What we might also do is use your information and email address (from this site) to subscribe to other pay-per-click email systems to help maximize your earned income.