June 5th, 2006

Morgan Webb 2

Please welcome "Quincy" ... our new adopted German Shepherd

QuincyMy wife and I went to the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR) up in Pennsylvania (near Shrewsbury) and looked over the german shepherds (GSD) they had available. We had gone to the website (http://www.magsr.org) previously and scheduled to see several dogs but only two where available at our time of visit.

Of the four we wanted to see, we got to see Quincy and Greta, both dogs were very cute and sweet. Greta is a female GSD that had recently given birth to several pups. She looks like your more traditional GSD that you've seen in movies, black and red/tan fur. Quincy is a male 12-18 month old GSD but mostly covered with black/white fur. We walked both dogs to get a feel and while Greta is sweet and obedient... we had a better repoir with Quincy. After much debate on which dogs to adopt (both had his/her pluses and minuses), we decided that Quincy would be our new dog.

More news to follow as he gets settled in his new home.