September 6th, 2010

Morgan Webb 2

CardStar for the iPad is kewl but needs more work

CardStar is nice little application in that it helps you consolidate all those loyalty programs and do away with all those pesky little key fobs and cards.  I first downloaded the iPhone app onto my iPad (no, I don't have an iPhone or an iPod Touch) and like how the application will display the exact barcode needed for those optical scanners to work, nice and big.

I then read that the company will be making the application version for the iPad, so I was overjoyed and finally found the application available on the App Store.  I downloaded the application and restored the data.  What I realized when I clicked on one of the merchants, the barcode displayed is fairly small and the bars on the barcode was blurry, too blurry that the optical barcode reader can't register it.

I e-mailed CardStar's support e-mail ( stating that the image was too small for the optical scanners to read the barcode.  I want to thank CardStar's support for getting back to me quickly, even on a holiday.  The response I got was:


Thank you for contacting CardStar about your inquiry. The iPad version is not intended to be used for scanning at your local merchants. This iPad version was designed to consolidate all your cards into one place and search through deals and offers from your local merchants. Then you can sync your iPad version to your iPhone or iPod Touch device. Are you trying to scan your iPad at a local merchant or grocery store at check out?

Now, here's the problem, I don't have an iPhone or a iPod Touch device and to re-download the iPhone application onto my iPad while having the iPad version of the application also installed is a waste of system resources.  I shouldn't need to download the iPhone version of the application so that I can display the barcode for the optical scanners.  If you look at the image provided above, you will see that there's enough room on the top to display they barcode at a much larger size.  I mentioned this in my reply e-mail back to CardStar's support, that I don't have an iPhone or a iPod Touch device.

I hope that the developers of the application see the logic or the practically of having the barcode displayed larger, that it's not practical not to have the iPad version not being able to do the same as the iPhone application or the need to have both application installed.

What do you think?