September 12th, 2010

Morgan Webb 2

Explain This Dream...

For all you dream analysis buffs, see if you can explain this dream to me.

"I walking inside what appears to be a large complex with stone/concrete staircases/stairways, through various doorways and hallways.  I holding my son (3 years old) which is arms draped around my neck for support.  While walking, I noticed that some of the occupants to be doll like, plastic-like construction, no specific features detailing the face or body, just very general like features.  I also noticed that my son in my arms has been turned into one of these plastic-like dolls.  At the same time, my hands have been metamorphosing, parts of my fingers are still organic as well as sections of my palm.  I tried very hard to will myself into reversing the metamorphosis and was successful and that's when I noticed that some of thoses plastic, doll-like figures have reverted back, walking and talking.  I look down to find my son changed into a furry animal doll. In my mind, I think I may have picked up the wrong 'doll' and I now frantically searched for my son."

That's when the dream ended and changed into a new chapter.