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"Professional Services Department" is nothing professional about it

I'm renting a dedicated server that I do much of webhosting and other applications, renting from and I've recently come to the realization that I need to upgrade my MySQL database from version 3 to version 5 and because I'm using Plesk 8.1, I'm able to do so without having compromising the integration between Plesk and MySQL (Plesk 7.x doesn't support MySQL above 3). I had stood up a MySQL5 server but it was never put into production, meaning that it used different ports and settings than MySQL3 that was already running.

Many applications I want to install on the server requires MySQL 4.0 or better.

Unfortunately, I can't simply build the binary and install it because the server I'm renting was built using RPMs and nothing is in the logical places like /usr/local/mysql, all the executable are on /usr/sbin. Or that PHP must be re-built using the new MySQL in order for PHP to properly linked to the database.

So anyways, I submitted a ticket on Friday, March 30th, 2007 that I want to upgrade my database from 3 to 5 ... got a quote and the price was quite reasonable instead of me getting a new server. They quoted that it would take no more than an hour, if even that. Okay, go for it I said. The request was sent to the "Professional Services Department" for the upgrade process. They told me that if I wanted to do it over the weekend that they would need to arrange someone to do it if it's after 6PM CDT. I said, okay, let's do this at 9AM on Saturday. I made backup copies of the database data ...

9AM CDT ... nothing happens.

Come Monday, April 2nd, 2007 -- I get the response that the ball was dropped and they didn't arrange the upgrade for the weekend.

Okay, updated the ticket and said to go right ahead and upgrade the database. One of their people logged on the server and started to run a shell script that basically did the work for them on installing the RPMs and other files, this meant that the database for MySQL3 was down. About an hour and a half later, I get an update on the ticket stating that they couldn't upgrade the database because someone else was upgrading it at the same time. This message was posted at 16:29 CDT.

I responded at 16:37 CDT stating that no one else was upgrading and that the only instance of MySQL5.0 running was the one I put up but should not have affected what they're doing because it a totally different instance.

No response for the next 24 hours because apparently, "Professional Services" don't work past 5PM CDT and the MySQL3 server won't come back up because they were in the middle if putting shared object files that doesn't have all the necessary libraries. So now, the database is down, all the apps that required access to the DB is not working. I can't check my email remotely because of the database issue, mail queue is building up.

I get another response posted at 15:50 CDT on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 stating that it would take 2 hours to totally fix the situation and complete the upgrade for MySQL and PHP and how would I like to proceed. I posted a response at 16:12 CDT to tell them to go ahead and fix it. No response, no update -- I guess they left already AGAIN!

So, the server is down for another 24 hours.

There is nothing "Professional" about this service.
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