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[USS Archer] Stardate 240107.24: Duty Log - Lt. Cmdr. Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= H'lesk / Engineering (1 hour later)=/\=

/* Camera shot from inside an ion distribution system. An access panel is removed. */

A Bajoran engineer, equipped with a tricorder, scanned the ion distribution system and though he hoped that the components within the unit were still operational, the task before him is not going to be an easy one, especially in environmental suits. "Alright, Ensign, the unit is pretty much intact, I'll need to replace some of the burnt out components."

He nodded and grabbed some spares from the engineering supply pods the Archer transported on board. The engineering section of the H'lesk had been un-kept and fairly dusty, expected, the teams will need to have to slow their pace as to minimize the amount of dust they kick up. Molir walked toward what appears the main engineering console board and wiped off a portion of the thick layer of dust off the panel surface.

He pulled out his PADD, continuing his list of systems and subsystems that needed repairing. Much of the systems in engineering will need to be refitted with more advanced components, nothing that should warrant concern of exchange of technology.

Molir tapped his comm-badge, "Molir to Johnson and Holmes, what's your status and your assessment?"

{{Johnson}}: "We're currently working on repairing the hibernation chambers that are near total failure."

"How many chambers do you have that are currently in that situation?" he asked.

{{Johnson}}: "In our section alone, I figure we have about 5-8 chambers are in serious conditions. Ensign Holmes is working at another section."

{{Holmes}}: "Sir, I have another 4 here that fall in the critical category."

"What's your estimated amount of time needed to complete repairs and have the hibernation chambers ready for reactivation?"

{{Johnson}}: "With Ensign Holmes's bunch and mine, we'll need another 2 to 3 hours to get the those in critical condition out of danger and probably another 2 hours to inspect the rest of the chambers and that's already including the medical teams here assisting in maintaining the bio-systems."

'Five hours?' he thought to himself. "Very well, keep me apprised of any new developments. Keith out." He tapped his comm-badge again, "Shilishod, what's your status?"

{{Shilishod}}: "Sir, despite the age of the craft, many of the primary and auxiliary systems are still operational, despite the age, and are registering well within operational parameters."

"How long till you've completed your inspection?"

{{Shilishod}}: "Well, with the help of the Gaetoni roboticist, another one-and-a-half hours to complete the inspection and another hour or two to affect repairs to the damaged units."

"Very good, continue your work. Keith out." Molir looked about the engineering room as his team pulled out wires and cables from damaged systems, chips and circuits laid on the dusty engineering floors. "Crewman, bring me a A7-F4 Universal display aboard and patch it up to this display console."

The crewman Johansen answered, "Aye, sir. -- Right away."

"Ensign Hsu," he called out, "let's start working on repairing the neutrino inversion system and seeing about restoring main power." The young ensign nodded.

In another section of engineering, Lieutenant Ch'aar worked on restoring internal sensors and environmental systems. The lack of breathable atmosphere the Archer crew had made any task ten-times harder to complete.

=/\= USS Archer / Conference Room (20 00 hours) =/\=

To Salek's request, the senior staff had assembled in the conference room and many were standing about upon Molir's arrival. Salek raised his voice over the din. "Shall we begin, everyone?"

The captain quickly briefed the entire staff of the latest developments: the successful meeting with the bridge crew of the H'lesk; the history of the Gaetoni colonists and their flight to search for a better way of life; to their current predicament. "Mr. Dean and Mr. Genk have gone over their navigational computer and will be working with the Gaetoni navigator in establishing where their current location is versus where they were and where they wanted to go. Gentlemen, do you have anything to add?"

The two officers stood up and presented their findings.

Salek turned to Lt. Cmdr. Keith. "Commander, things are under way, I trust, for repairs on the H'lesk?"

Now it was Molir's turn to offer a report. He stood up, "With many of the hibernation chambers in critical and severe conditions, along with the medical team providing guidance and help, we estimate that it will be another 5 hours before we can get a precise idea on the number of hibernation chambers still within working order. The good news is that many of the primary and auxiliary systems along the cargo ship have lasted exceptionally well, despite the years. It's estimated another 2 to 3 hours to complete systems inspection and repairs."

Salek asked Keith, "What the status on their main power? Can it be restored?"

"We believe we can repair their warp drive, of course, we've been replacing many of the components with Confederation technology. We'll need another 2 hours before we're ready to test the warp core."

"I understand," continued the captain, "that things have been going fairly well in the coordination between the engineering team and the medical team that's working with them. Doctor Triss?"

"That's correct," replied the blond doctor. "Ensign Hall here has done a superb job at analyzing the pods' functions. We think we can recover all the pods that are still working. Elsur?"

The meeting continued for another 30 to 40 minutes with the rest of the staff officers presenting his/her report. As another informative meeting came to a close, Molir excused himself from the rest as he proceeded back to transporter room. While en route, he tapped his comm-badge, "Keith to Lieutenant Gaines."

{{Gaines}}: "Gaines here, Commander."

"How's everything going?" he asked.

{{Gaines}}: "Everything's good... five-by-five, sir."

He smiled at the good news, "That's good to hear. Do me favor and transport cargo containers E-710A through E over to the H'lesk, near engineering."

{{Gaines}}: "Aye, sir. Anything else?"

"No, that's it. Thank you, Keith out."

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