Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

Duke Nukem Forever #dukenukem

I remembered playing this game on the PC back in the 90s and I spent many hours playing it (or maybe it played me).  I recently had gotten the chance to play Duke Nukem Forever when I purchased it for 50% off the game price from a local electronics-buy store (with the purchase of another game at full price).  I didn't mind -- come on, it was the Duke afterall with the line "I have come to chew bubble gum and kick ass and I'm all out of bubble gum" ("They Live", Roddy Piper).

Anyways, I popped in the PS3 Disc into my console and was immediately informed up a patch-update that was available. So I downloaded the update and it went ahead installing the game onto the harddisk. The installation took about 15-20 minutes before it actually completed, the game box said it would require 4.8GB of diskspace.

You would think that with its installation that took 20-some minutes, the game would race and for the most part, it did, but the gaming sessions were too short and the loading TOO long. You would complete a section of the game and you would then wait for about 3-4 minutes while it loaded the next stage of the game.  This definitely took the fun out of the game itself, to sit there watching the load screen.

It's the PS3, it's the next gen gaming console and you sat there waiting for it to load. The game graphics were good and the gaming was fluid, with all the blood and gore that you're expecting from a Duke Nukem title. I played for about an hour before I couldn't take the wait from the loading screen and called it quits (not quits for the entire game, just for the session). I'll definitely go back to playing another hour or two.

But I guess you might have to be a Duke Nukem die-hard player to have the patience to allow yourself to sit through the long loading periods.

I haven't tried the network-gaming portion just yet. Don't know if I'll try.


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