Life is a Highway (highway) wrote,
Life is a Highway

[punquin] Content Table Resizing and Realignment (version 2)

The following will make Punquin content tables thinner and move them to the right, which might be necessary for displaying a background image.

<style type="text/css">
hr { width:100%; }

<div style="position:absolute; left: 25%; right:0%; width:75%">


The reason for this new vesrion is because the Punquin style contains an <HR> tag that forces the journal table width to be no less than 500 pixels. This will override any table width definition of less than 70% (as in the original version of the override

To change the width of the content tables, change the highlighed percentage to the percentage value you prefer. By default, the journal alignment is to the left, to move your content tables to the right, replace the value where highlighted in yellow, with either a percentage or pixel value. You can alter the total width of the table content by replacing the value where highlighted in lightblue.

NOTE: If using both alignment and resizing elements, make sure that then sum of both values (indicated in yellow and lightblue does not exceed 100%.

This override uses GLOBAL_HEAD to change all four page views; the results might not be as expected for the calendar view. You can also use this override with the individual page views. Caution: this override is designed specifically for the Punquin style, and might have unintended effects under any of the other style templates.

This override uses the <div> HTML tag without properly closing it with its corresponding </div> HTML tag, making the style non-compliant with HTML standards on proper HTML structuring. In the end, it is far easier to accomplish something like this with a paid membership, and paid members have even further control over the style and structure of their pages than even this simple adjustment. Even so, basic re-sizing and shifting does remain possible via override.

Variable Reference:GLOBAL_HEAD
Additional References:
  • Merging Your GLOBAL_HEAD

  • What are overrides? How do they work?

  • Only one override is permitted for each specific override block.
    If you are currently using a GLOBAL_HEAD override to accomplish other customizations,
    this would need to be combined with that existing override.

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