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22 October 2003 @ 03:29 am
Tired of SPAM Email? Help join a community to help block spam...  
If you run Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express as your mailer, I found this great new service that helps block out spam -- a whole community working together to block spam, and while you're blocking your spam, you're help others block the same spam from getting to their mailbox.

Words Unspokensmashley_2oo2 on October 23rd, 2003 12:40 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry..this is probably really annoying, and I'm sure you'll hate me for this, but do you have any invite codes?? My friend needs a new journal b/c someone keeps hacking into hers. Thanks!

[again, I'm sorry :\]
Life is a Highwayhighway on October 24th, 2003 01:03 am (UTC)