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Stardate 240108.02: Duty Log - Lt. Cmdr. Fajil Molir Keith, Chief Engineering Officer

=/\= H'lesk / Main Engineering =/\=

When we last left our brave engineers on the H'lesk, many of them concentrated on repairing and restoring the hibernation pods and with the reanimation of many of the Gaetoni engineers, repairs progress quickly. Keith had transported engineering cargo containers from the Archer's cargo bay to the H'lesk, refitting their engines with engines from one of the Archer's runabouts. That was several days ago.

"Chief Engineer's Log. Stardate 240108.02... we successfully restored primary and secondary systems and we're ready to reactivate the H'lesk's modified warp core. If this works, she'll be able to maintain speeds just slightly over warp four, probably warp four-point-five."

"Commander," said an Ensign, "we're ready to begin the initiation sequence, the injectors are primed and ready to feed into the reactor core."

Molir looked over diagnostic panel for a final approval and nodded his head, "Let's start the initiators." He initiated the start-up sequence and gauges on his display panel started to rise as temperatures within the core increased. He waited and watched the reaction reach a stable level before allowing the intermix reaction to proceed to the next step. "Lieutenant Ch'aar, status?"

Lieutenant Ch'aar examined his display unit, verified the analysis on his PADD and reported, "Stand by, sir. Just finishing our analysis." The teams waited for the analysis, a critical point in the sequence. Errors at this juncture would be disastrous for both ships due to their proximity. "All systems checked out, sir. We're ready to continue to the next sequence."

"Okay, open the injectors and initiate the flow regulators."

Another Ensign nearby acknowledged the order and activated the core injectors, initiating the reaction within the core. Another crucial point in the activation of a warp core cause an uncontrolled reaction will cause the core to breach and that would definitely not be good for either ship. Everyone in engineering closely monitored the reaction as the humming becomes louder and the pulses quicken. Slowly the gauges and indicators began to rise and settle within the 'acceptable' operating levels. There were some who held their breaths and some other gave a small cheer at the achievement. Overall, the teams were all happy and glad to have successfully engaged main power using H'lesk's new warp core.

"Commander Keith to Captain Salek and Commander Chesek," he tapped his comm-badge. "The installation of the Sherwood-class warp core was a success and with the activation of the core, she's connected to main power under the new core."

Salek "Excellent, Commander. Please finish up and have your teams report back on the Archer. We have another task for your engineering teams."

"Aye, sir." He tapped his comm-badge again. "To all engineering teams on the H'lesk, please conclude any outstanding issues on board the H'lesk and report back to the Archer. Keith out."

=/\= USS Archer / Main Engineering =/\=

Molir, returning from his away mission on aboard the H'lesk, sat in his office reading over the reports filed by his aCEO, Lieutenant Tyler Johnson as well as reported filed by Lieutenant Sarah Gaines, who was in charge of engineering on board the Archer during his absence.

Gonai "Lieutenant Gonai to Commander Keith."

He tapped, "Keith here, how can I be of service, Lieutenant?"

Gonai "Sir, at the request of Captain -- we are to coordinate our efforts in modifying the Archer's warp field to encompass the H'lesk. We're going to help tow their ship to their planet of destination."

He righted himself on his seat and pulled forward his PADD and desk console. "That's going to be a tall order, a ship of that size will not be easy to encompass with our warp field. Hold on while I make the necessary preliminary calculations." Keith started to pull up warp equations and formulae on his desk console, inputting the data he needed to facilitate a response. "Lieutenant, I believe we'll be able to fulfill the Captain's request but I estimate that we will not be able to travel at transwarp-speeds because of the H'lesk's sheer size. The best speed we can attain is warp nine... maybe nine-point-four."

Gonai "When can you have the modifications ready to go?"

"Three hours, but I figure you don't have three hours to wait -- so I figure one-and-a-half hours," he smiled gave out a small chuckle.

Gonai "Thank you, Commander. I'll apprise the captain. Kor out."

Molir recalled his dad once mentioning this, 'When God created the Earth in seven days, he must have created engineers on the eighth, so that he can rest and let the engineers take care of the rest.' He's beginning to understand.

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